Jon Hunter is a man of intrigue and a chameleon of an artist. His styles of work range as much as methods and mediums. Jon studied fine arts and art history at a collegiate level as well as receiving the Dean’s Award scholarship to the Columbus College of Art & Design, but ultimately the skies called. That’s when he turned his sights to living and working as a hot air balloon pirate pilot. After pirating for some time, Jon decided to flee the skies of Lawrence, KS after 28 years and make Madison, WI home. Jon and his furry pal Ernest have now resided in Madison for several years and been active in the arts scene in Madison and surrounding areas. Since 2012 commissions have seen him doing book covers, pet portraits, Christmas cards, album covers, event flyers, wall murals, all while building a large collection of personal works.


In 2013, Jon began a website of cartoons and various art called the Pastrami Basket. In the beginning, the work was mostly cartoons imposed over photographs. As his style developed,  blossoming from new technique and pulling from earlier training, so did the work. In early 2014, Pastrami Arts was began as branding for commissions, requests, and point of contact for his work. For any questions or requests, Mr. Pastrami himself can be contacted here or via email at pastramiarts@gmail.com.



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